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UK Information Service

The DPPi Information service was opened in 1998 in response to an increasing need for information on parenting with a disability.

Since 2001 the DPPi Information Service has formed part of the services provided at the National Centre for Disabled Parents.

The DPPi Information Service offers:

The DPPi UK Information Service does not offer specific medical advice and is unable to provide information to non-UK enquirers.

"Gave me reassurance when I was wondering how I would cope" Disabled mother-to-be

Who contacts us?

"Information was sent very quickly when I was at a crisis point - Brilliant!"
Disabled parent of a disabled child

"Generous supply of information" Midwife


How to contact us

National Centre for Disabled Parents

As this website develops we plan to include information on relevant links, news and ideas from disabled parents and professional allies as an important part of our work. We welcome information to share with our enquirers, so if you have any ideas, tips or news to share please let us know!

"..detailed and generalist information backed by 'real' experiences. The directness and willingness of telephone contact person was excellent!" Occupational Therapist

Wheelchair baby carrierProjects or research we are, or have been, involved in:

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