DPPI Journal 65: Spring 2009

Photo of Tom Shakespeare
Pictured is Tom Shakespeare. See Fertilisation rights and wrongs

From the editor

In this journal, parents share their experiences and expertise — offering frank insights into aspects of disabled parenting. Among the complex and often emotive subjects discussed are the implications of some of the amendments to the 2008 UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act.

A mother describes her personal experiences as a Deaf parent of hearing children; a father talks openly about his schizophrenia, its effects and how he gradually built a positive relationship with his son; and another parent poignantly expresses his feelings of fatherhood with Parkinson's disease.

We review new resources which add to knowledge and practice. In addition, a research article reports on the experiences of parents with mental health problems and how they can best be supported; while another explores disabled women's concepts of normal and natural pregnancy and childbirth.

We hope you will find the journal moving, thought-provoking and informative.

Christine Winwood

DPPI Journal
65: Spring 2009