DPPI Journal 67: Autumn/Winter 2009

Photo of Rosaleen Mansfield
Pictured is Rosaleen Mansfield. Read our tributes to Rosaleen. See Remembering Rosaleen Mansfield

From the editor

This issue is dedicated to Rosaleen Mansfield, who died in August. Rosaleen's family kindly asked that donations made in her memory should go towards the work of DPPI. It seems fitting that this issue is funded by those donations.

Rosaleen was one of the small band of innovative and pioneering people who was actively involved in the work of DPPI from its beginnings; she was Chair of the Board of Trustees from 1997 to 2009. Rosaleen's incredible expertise, energy, enthusiasm and leadership were major factors in the development and continuity of the organisation. Her amazing spirit and determination inspired and encouraged so many others.

Thank you to everyone who has sent donations, and messages of support and encouragement to DPPI. Rosaleen had many plans and hopes for the future progress of the charity and its work – plans that my colleagues and I will work hard to bring to fruition, spurred on by our memories of such a very special friend.

Christine Winwood

DPPI Journal
67: Autumn/Winter 2009