DPPI Journal 71: Winter 2010/11

Chris Edwards with his daughter Pictured is Chris Edwards with his daughter. See Wheelchair baby carrier and toddler carrier

From the editor

Access and advocacy are two important issues in disabled parenting. We describe ways to provide advocacy for parents whose children are involved with social services. The importance of advocacy is reinforced in work to support parents with learning disabilities and mental health needs.

Also featured is a project designed to make parenting materials more inclusive and accessible for parents with learning disabilities, and a group of parents review a new parenting DVD for people with learning disabilities.

In families affected by MS, two children’s guides offer pointers on how to share information and encourage dialogue.

And, while celebrations are an important part of family life, they can also be challenging. One disabled mother writes about organising parties for her son’s birthday and Christmas – she accentuates the highs, and how to minimise the lows of family celebrations.

Christine Winwood

DPPI Journal
71: Winter 2010/11