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Working with visually impaired parents to produce accessible information

Information for Visually Impaired Parents

With the support of funding from The Big Lottery, DPPI is currently running a project which aims to improve quality and accessibility of information for visually impaired parents. This is in response to an apparent lack of information relevant to, and accessible to, parents and parents to be who are visually impaired. It is part of a wider project at DPPI looking at information for parents with sensory impairments.

A broad range of parents, professionals and organisations have become involved in this project, through their participation in a working group. They have assisted in identifying what relevant and accessible information currently exists, as well as the gaps in information.

In order to try to address the gaps in information, the project aims to produce a series of guides which:

After extensive consultation with Working group members, the Having a baby pack was launched on 26 May 2006 at RNIB. The pack, a series of three guides, covers issues relating to planning a baby, pregnancy, birth and early baby care.

A second pack looking at school issues for visually impaired parents, will also be developed later this year.

As part of this project DPPI will also be liaising with various organisations and agencies who provide mainstream information to parents, in order to look at how this can be made more accessible for parents who are visually impaired.

DPPI also provide an individual enquiry service for both professionals and for parents with a disability in the UK.

If you would like to find out more about DPPI publications and the development of new information for visually impaired parents and parents to be, please get in touch (link to contacts page).

We also provide an individual enquiry service for both professionals and for visually impaired parents or parents with a disability in the UK.

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