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About us

Our vision is a society where Deaf and disabled people are valued as parents and can access the support they need to carry out their parenting role.

DisabledParent.org.uk is a website belonging to Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood, a user-led registered charity that promotes better awareness and support for disabled people during pregnancy and as parents.

Our mission is to provide Deaf and disabled people, their families and service providers with information and shared experience on all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

We recognise the important role Deaf and disabled people play in identifying solutions to their own challenges and that these solutions can be of benefit others. This site shares some of that knowledge and experience that we have been collecting since 1998. And now, this site provides opportunities for disabled parents and their professional allies to share that expertise more directly with others.

We are base in England, and our information is specifically targeted at disabled people in England. However, until 2012 we published a quarterly international journal, Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international, dedicated to disabled parenting not only in England but in the wider international community. The journal is no longer published separately, but the content is being integrated into this website.

Our aim is to take experience and expertise from where ever it may come, and to share it wherever it is needed. To this end, our resources, in particular our unique publications, are requested by people around the world.

Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood is entirely run by volunteers.

Who we are for

We are here for:

  • all disabled people who are already parents and those who wish to become parents;
  • health and social work professionals;
  • other individuals and organizations concerned with disability and/or pregnancy and parenting.

Our services

We provide this website as a source of information and support for disabled parents and their professional allies. This site enables people to share knowledge by describing their experiences, sharing examples of good practice, and reviewing adaptive equipment and techniques. You can ask a question to be answered by the growing community of users who bring diverse knowledge and experience. You can help others by answering questions, writing reviews, and sharing your experience and ideas.

You can also order our publications: accessible guides on many aspects of disabled parenting. A small charge is made publications to help cover costs. However disabled parents may request to receive publications free of charge by emailing info@disabledparent.org.uk.

We also provide training for health and social care professionals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.