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Who is responsible within English Social Care...?

I am severely disabled and terminally ill single parent. Child not involved with Father either. Long story but after finally complaining to Adult Social Services that my needs are firstly going to be to prioritise my 10 yr old child’s care, which is what they still hadn’t acknowledged I need help with so my daughter can safely live with me - I can’t care for myself.
Suddenly they’re referring my child to children’s social services!
Please can somebody tell me where I stand (or sit Haha) legally?
Who is supposed to help me? And my child?

22 September 2019
  • Sorry... who is responsible for care/support needs? Should it be adult social services for me and Children’s social services for my daughter. I’m in the same situation I was in 5 years ago. I’m just most desperate for their help and been told by children’s services in past. Isabella is my daughter so Adult Social services are who we should both be under

    23 September 2019
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