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Lifting & carrying
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Personal experience
Ellen Bird, a mother with amyoplasia, a form of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), from Staffordshire, UK, talks about her experience of pregnancy and early parenthood.
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Kate Hodson, from The Stroke Association, a charity supporting and providing a voice for stroke survivors and their families across the UK, reviews DPPI’s One-handed parenting: a practical guide for new parents. The guide is available from DPPI...
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Personal experience
Louise Medus, a Thalidomide-impaired mother from Kent, UK, talks to Shanta Everington about her experiences of parenting her two children – Emma and Jack, now aged 21 and 17. Since remarrying, Louise also has two adult stepchildren. Her book No...
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Good practice
Occupational therapists, Nelly Stanbury, of the Oxford Centre for Enablement, UK, and Sheeley Garrett, of the Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team, Hackney, London, UK, write about practical childcare ideas that may be useful for parents who use one h...
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Contains information on various aspects of baby care for one-handed parents, including lifting and carrying, nappy changing, feeding, going out and about, bathing and bedtime. For each task area, the guide suggests things to consider and also offers...
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